Financial assistance to Farmers Group/FPOs/FPC for marketing linkages


Training and handholding of Farmers Group/FPOs/FPC


Cluster development for ease of marketing


Development of Common Facility for Farmers


Financial Assistance (Soft loans) to MSMEs/Entrepreneurs/Start-up


Training and handholding of MSMEs/Entrepreneurs/Start-up


Brand building, Marketing and Product development

Improvements and Success Story

In 2017, before MOM started initiative, the average rate per kg of handmade tea from Darzo was Rs 230 per kg. This year in 2019, the average seling rate is Rs 280 per kg. Maximum income generated by farmer in Darzo through selling of handmade tea in 2018 was about Rs 28,000 and this year it increased to about Rs 35,000 (25% increase). However, there are only about 23 families which have excess produce for selling. But we also have to consider the farmers (379 farmers) under the cluster are self-sufficient in Tea which means they are saving as much as Rs 12 lakhs.

Earlier the farmers met difficulties due to long monsoon making sun drying process futile and unavailability of drying machineries. Due to this, farmers harvest only once in a year. Infrequent harvest left the tea bushes unmaintained, and the production of tea is drastically reduced and is reflected in the income of poor farmers. Now the villagers who once were processing their tea only during the dry season is now able to sell tea leaves throughout the year. With maintenance of their bush throughout the year, the farmers will have increase in leaf product and yield each year. This would increase their income from their tea plantation and would also improve the quality of the tea processed from this region.