Product Development with Reiek Block Organic Turmeric (Aieng) Producer Society

ABPM in collaboration with Reiek Block Organic Turmeric Producer Society developed a model primary processing unit for development of dry turmeric finger at Tlangcheng, Reiek. It was in trial operation during 2019 turmeric season under the supervision of Angel Business Promoters. Fresh turmeric of around 49000 kgs was processed for dry turmeric finger.

FPO Visits and Meetings

ABPM conducted Diagnostic study on the following FPOs to understand the internal issues of their low performances, suggest ways and solutions for the improvement.

Lunglei Organic Ginger Producer Society, Pukpui

Organic Turmeric Farmer Producer Organization, West Lungdar

Organic Spices Farmer Producer Organization, Hnahthial

Farmer Producer Organization (FPO) MOVCD-NER Turmeric Grower Group, Kolasib

District Spices Producer Organization, Durtlang

Chilli Growing Farmer Producer Organization, Serchhip